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About the Pastor


   April Standfield is the Pastor of God's Love Ministries Church.  Pastor April began her work for God at an early age, praying for the sick, laying hands on the Bible, helping people, and giving to the work of the Lord.   

 Pastor April had a passion for serving God at an early age. Pastor April has been baptized three times for God, and has a history of winning souls through evangelism, helping in Ministry, and assisting in other ways.  


    Pastor April took up a saintly position in the field of nursing when she completed a nursing program at The Harrison Center for Career Education in Washington, D.C. in 1999.

    Her love for God continued to grow, and Pastor's desire to see God at work in her led her to gain more education and knowledge of God. 

 Pastor's Ministry education includes studying religion at Germanna Community College, receiving Bible training, and being licensed as a Pastor at a Christian Institute in Michigan State.

   Pastor's education includes attending John Tyler Community College, Patrick Henry College, Piedmont Virginia Community College, CLI, and St. Luke's Church for Ordination.

   Pastor April is a devoted and loving mother, a Ministry leader, and holds a degree in Psychology and Education from Germanna Community College in Virginia. She graduated Cum Laude, and was on the Dean's list while in College. Pastor April also attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and completed another program where she received more education in Biblical studies, The books of the Bible, and World missions. 

    Pastor April hopes to open a home for orphans, and establish outreach programs for the youth.

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